3D Virtual Tours


Don’t just show a property to your customers
– let them walk through it virtually


Create an immersive, memorable
experience with virtual reality

VR offers a much more intuitive way to explore a property than simply relying on photos and videos. With virtual reality, you’re not just looking at an accurate representation of a space, you’re walking through the real thing – complete with ultra-realistic lighting and audio effects.

Virtual experiences with
multi-platform capabilities

An Andrew Lucas Studios 3D virtual tour can be created for use across a number of VR platforms, including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and even a desktop browser. Depending one the scale of your project, there are two options for you to choose from.

VR Pro

With a 3D virtual tour in VR Pro, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re actually in the real thing. From accurate scaling and incredible detail to realistic environmental effects tailored to the experience such as weather, time of day or the ability to compare natural and artificial lighting, VR Pro is the closest you can come to the real thing without physically being there in person.

VR Lite

With the ability to access the experience from both desktop and a VR-ready headset, a VR Lite experience means that customers can access a 3D virtual tour from wherever they are. Fixed vantage points act as convenient waypoints to guide the user through the experience, keeping them focused on the important details while giving them time to pause and reflect on what they’re seeing.

Put the user in complete
control of their experience

With virtual reality, you are able to let users explore a space at their own pace. A VR experience gives users much more flexibility than a video flythrough can provide, giving them the ability to dwell on the elements that are important to them, while glossing over those that don’t interest them.

Architectural designs

Create a comprehensive VR experience based on your architectural drawings and help your clients to understand exactly what you are planning for their new property or extension. Virtual reality is the perfect medium for demonstrating exactly how ambitious design concepts and unique solutions will look once they come to fruition.

VR for architectural design

Property marketing

For selling properties off-plan, virtual reality can be the ideal way of showcasing a flat or house to potential buyers. By letting them explore the property they’re interested in (including switching between available furnishing options), the decision over whether to buy can be streamlined significantly, greatly simplifying the sales process.

Verifying interior designs

When it comes to presenting interior design ideas for a space, it can sometimes be difficult for a client to imagine exactly how what is being proposed will look in the context of the space. By placing the suggested design elements into a virtual replica of the space itself, it becomes much easier to see how something will look, particularly when realistic natural and artificial lighting effects are added for a more representative backdrop.

An incredibly engaging
interactive medium

By introducing interactive elements, potential buyers can select their preferred interior design options, or interact with innovative elements within the property to see how they would work if implemented.

Being able to zoom out to see a table top view of an entire property development and to move between the exterior and various interior rooms also allows users to better understand the scale and scope of a building or development.