Andrew Lucas Studios is delighted to be taking part in the London Festival of Architecture in partnership with SPPARC. We’ll be running a number of virtual and augmented reality demonstrations during SPPARC’s Open Studio day on Friday 8th June, allowing visitors to explore and interact with some of the architecture practice’s recent projects.

As well as VR experiences on an Oculus headset, we’ll also be sharing one of our first AR design experiences on the Microsoft HoloLens so visitors can see how the two modes of visualisation offer different perspectives on the architectural design process.


SPARCC Augmented Reality


The open event, titled ‘A slice in the life of SPPARC’ is a free admission event and will run from 4pm to 9pm at its Bedford Square Studio. As well as the interactive VR and AR experiences offered by the Andrew Lucas Studio team, there will be live debates and talks as well as workshops centred around the company’s design process.

More information about the event – and about the other events comprising the London Festival of Architecture – can be found at